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How to play mahjong

Mahjong Craving is the ultimate online game site that will offer you the chance to play this game straight form your browser with absolutely no downloads or installations. The Mahjong Craving game comes from China and it is a popular variation of the Mahjong game.

This game is played with tiles that will have Chinese symbols on them, they will be placed in a certain order, so you will only have access to a certain amount of them and as the game progresses you will be able to access the other tiles.

Your mission while playing the Mahjong Craving game is to make sure that you find pairs of tiles that are available to you and at the same time will have the same symbols written on them. Once you click on them, they will disappear and offer you access to other tiles that weren’t accessible before.

The Mahjong Craving is a version of Solitaire Mahjong, this is a single player game and it can be quite entertaining and at the same time it can help you improve your attention and memory.

Every time you will visit our website you will be given a different Mahjong challenge that will be generated randomly. You can share your comments, tips and tricks on the forum and share your opinions with the other mahjong craving enthusiast players.