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The Rules of Mahjong

Mahjong Craving is a variation of Solitaire Mahjong, a popular version of Mahjong. The game is played with tiles which originated from China.

When the game starts the Mahjong tiles will be placed in their appropriate positions.

The tiles on the left hand side and right hand side of each stack accessible, you will not be able to move any of the other tiles.

The aim of the game is to match the pairs on the end of the stacks. The pairs can be positioned anywhere, as long as they are on the end of a stack.

Once removed the next lot of tiles will become available.

The game is finished when all of the tiles have been cleared.

The Tiles

There are 6 groups of tiles.

Dots named as each tile consists of a number of circles. Each circle is said to represent copper (tong) coins with a square hole in the middle.

Bamboos named as each tile (except the 1 Bamboo) consists of a number of bamboo sticks. Each stick is said to represent a string (suo) that holds a hundred coins. Note that 1 Bamboo is an exception. It has a bird sitting on a Bamboo.

Characters named as each tile represents ten thousand (wan) coins, or one hundred strings of one hundred coins.

Wind tiles: East, South, West, and North.

Dragon tiles: red, green, and white.

Flowers: The flower tiles are unique. Instead of having to match two identical tiles a player can match any flower tile with any other flower tile.

Other names for Mahjong

The spelling of Mahjong varies from culture to culture. Within China alone there are several variations, including: Pinyin variations: Májiàng, Màhjeung and Májiàng. Cantonese variations: Májiàng and Màhjeuk.

In english there are also several variations of the spelling, including: mahjongg, majiang, mah-jong, mah-jongg

People often incorrectly spell Mahjong, some of the more common mistakes are: majong, majongg, marjong, margong, marjon and mar jon